Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day: More Deals than Black Friday! (+Giveaway)

If you love Black Friday, you won’t want to miss Amazon’s biggest sales event ever: Prime Day. Prime Day occurs next Wednesday, July 15th, and marks Amazon’s 20th birthday. To celebrate, Amazon will be hosting a global shopping event offering more deals than Black Friday and exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Starting at 12:00 AM on Wednesday, Members will be
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10 Tips for a successful day at the Farmer's Market

10 Tips for a Successful Day at the Farmers Market

It’s July, which means farmer’s markets across the country are in full swing. Shopping your local farmer’s market is the best way to support local farmers, buy locally grown produces, and find organic products at a reasonable price. Here are ten tips for a successful trip to the farmer’s market.   The Early Bird Doesn’t Always Get The Worm Sure, arriving
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Yanu Vegetizer Spiral Slicer Review & Giveaway

Yanu Vegetizer Review & Giveaway

Like most, Patrick and I do not eat nearly enough vegetables. I am always looking for new ways to incorporate more vegetables into our meals and reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates we consume. Accomplishing both of these goals recently got much easier thanks to the Yanu Vegetizer. The Yanu Vegetizer is a strong and durable vegetable spiral slicer. With
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You Need A Budget YNAB Review

You Need A Budget. Really.

I will be the first to admit that Patrick and I are terrible at budgeting. We have tried to manage our budget with paper and pen, spreadsheets and even the envelope method without much success. We have downloaded several trials to programs that have claimed to be “THE” software for managing budgets, but they all lacked something or came with
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Celebrate National Donut Day with FREE Donuts!

Celebrate National Donut Day with FREE DONUTS!

Tomorrow, Americans will celebrate the fried doughy goodness that is the donut! That’s right, June 5th is National Donut Day! Grab a free donut from one of these donut joints and then visit to learn all about National Donut Day! Cumberland Farms Receive one free donut with the purchase of a hot/iced coffee or Chill Zone beverage between 5 AM and
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home-it-track-organizer-3 copy

Getting Organized with the Home-It Track Organizer

Like most apartments, our apartment has very little storage space. My broom and mop are usually leaning up against a wall somewhere, grocery bags get shoved in drawers and cupboards wherever the is space, and tools are scattered all about. However, our place just got a whole lot more organized with the Home-It Track Organizer. The Home-It Track Organizer is comprised of
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What's Missing In Your Budget?

What’s Missing In Your Budget?

Within a few days time, Patrick and I went from preparing to trade his car in and doubling his car payment to planning a spending freeze and a budget! Truth is, we have far too much debt on our hands right now to be creating more and we need to create a budget that will help us pay off our
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